About Us

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We have spent the last 5 years researching and looking for blue fin tuna off the west coast of Scotland. Even when we were told, "You're mad - they won't be there" we carried on looking and speaking to various people. Tag-A-Giant Foundation based in America told us of their findings when they satellite tagged fish in Ireland and we had long converstations with Captain Peter Bristow, a legend in the world of big game fishing.

With the help of Airmar Europe and their European manager, Bertrand Picard, along with Nigel Craine from Garmin Europe, our research and findings were proved to show that blue fin tuna do frequest Scottish waters. They supported us and fitted the latest Airmar transducers and the latest Garmin electronic equipment to Keep It Reel in 2012. A very big thank you to both parties for the support and their belief in us.

That year, with the benefit of the latest equipment, we picked up excellent sounder readings in late June showing very large fish over bait fish, off the west coast. In August of that year, we got a report that Kilda cruises had seen tuna off St Kilda. We intended to go and have a look if we could spot them, but time and weather unfortunately did not permit this.


In 2013, we headed out to St Kilda to see what we could find and met the crew of the Orca III, who were also on the quest for blue fin. They very kindly let us use one of their moorings in Village Bay; over a cup of tea on board, we discussed sightings of the last year. The next day, we both headed out in search of tuna; we didn't pick up any marks but the following day Angus from Orca III saw fish and sent us a photograph - it was indeed a blue fin tuna. Later that week, Angus caught the first blue fin tuna in Scottish waters. We were delighted for him and also for the fact that all of our research and belief that they were indeed in Scottish waters.


2014 is our first year chartering for blue fin. The season is from June until the 15th of October. We are working closely with Marine Scotland to understand more about the fishery. We cannot guarantee that you will catch one but we can guarantee we will try as hard as possible to achieve it for you.